The Forgotten Secret to Improving Building Engineers’ Happiness

Building Engines CRE Property Management Platform Provides Engineer Happiness

Building engineers are the unsung heroes of property management teams – they are the gears in the machine driving your tenant service delivery.

An engineer is typically one of the first faces a tenant sees when a problem arises. This makes their knowledge of how to best solve issues quickly and efficiently absolutely crucial. They are essentially the linchpin keeping your tenant relationships in check; managing and setting tenant expectations, and promoting engagement with a building’s resources.

Consider this:

Tenants are more likely to stay and renew their lease in a building featuring the best resources and staff – especially one that is well organized, and where their needs are met in a timely fashion. If a building engineer is seen to be ineffective or unfriendly, tenants will lose faith in their property managers and ultimately leave the building to take their business elsewhere.

Simply put, it isn’t enough to simply make sure your building engineers know what they’re doing. They need to be friendly, courteous, and approachable as well. You want them to be happy.

How to Improve a Building Engineers Happiness

In order to improve engineer (and tenant) happiness, property managers must have confidence in their maintenance team, and vice versa.

Confidence depends on an open line of communication between the property management and engineering teams. This creates transparency on for your engineers and the rest of the management team. Sometimes that requires a little change in procedure and adoption of new tools, such as Building Engines Property Management Software.

Here are some of the best ways to communicate effectively, better connect with your building engineers, work smarter, and improve their overall happiness:

  1. Always keep an open line of communication

    Your team, like your tenants, wants to know that they can reach you when needed.

    By maintaining an open line of communication through meetings or communications tools, you give them confidence in their ability to provide accurate information to tenants because they always have a resource they can reach out to.

    This is where Building Engines can assist. It can provide engineers with the latest knowledge on work orders, preventive maintenance tasks, inspections, and so much more, so they can be more self-reliant while on-duty.

  2. Give them the tools and training they need

    When your engineers feel confident performing maintenance, and in the technologies that assist them, it gives tenants more confidence in the people maintaining their work space.

    Building Engines, and the BE-Mobile app for iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices, allows them to quickly address any on-demand issues or emergencies and automatically relay work data back to you and your team. Engineers can digitally record a task, deal with the issue, and then quickly resume what they were doing without having to get reorganized.

    The BE-Mobile app is a great supplement when performing work on-location, because it allows engineers to address incoming work orders while also going about their daily preventative maintenance and inspection tasks.

  3. Regularly connect on duties and tasks

    Stress has a huge impact on happiness. Failing to keep your engineers up-to-date on what they are working on for a daily, weekly, or monthly basis,  can create stress.

    You should have a system in place that allows for precise tracking of maintenance, tasks, and service delivery performance so that no work is repeated or overlooked. The Building Engines Preventative Maintenance and Inspections modules allow maintenance teams to keep precise track of their schedules and enter data on-the-go, so they work efficiently and can better maximize their time.

We’ll sum it up for you.

Property managers are happiest when their engineers do their jobs efficiently, without taking away from the quality of their work, because it keeps the tenants satisfied. On the flip side, building engineers are happiest when they can get their work done without logistics getting in the way.

What is the connecting factor? The need to minimize communications barriers, and streamline workflows.

Utilizing a tool like Building Engines can help you improve your operational logistics with actionable intelligence, while empowering your team to focus more on their actual work, so that they can get more done. (And be much happier as a result!)